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 In 2009 I came to live here in Terchova, Slovakia with my wife Maria and our Collie dog, Roxy.
Although I am English, Maria is Slovak and grew up in Terchova. We had been together in England since 2001 working in our gardening business when we decided to pack up and move here to Slovakia.
Now Maria teaches English and I spend more time on my photography, we both spend as much time as we can in our garden and with our chickens and Roxy, in the winter we spend as much time as possible skiing and snowboarding, especially free riding.

I have always had a great love of black and white photography and spent some ten years just taking photos in this medium, so when I discovered the work of Maria’s grandfather Milan Saradin and obtained permission to look at his pictures I was amazed and couldn’t stop looking at the images he had captured throughout his life.
I then decided it would be a wonderful challenge and a great opportunity if I obtained permission to borrow the original negatives and scan them into my computer and since last year when I began it has become one of my main interests.
It was not until I started to work my way through the negatives he had left that I began to realise two things, first that they are an amazing insight into life in this area of Slovakia during the years that he was photographing and secondly, there are literally thousands of negatives and it is going to take a long time to scan them all but at least I have made a start, 2000 to date.
I hope that the collection will bring a lot of memories back to the people of Terchova and the surrounding area and will help younger people see what life was like and how the countryside has changed.

I have to say that there are quite a lot of images that myself and Maria’s family have been unable to place, either we are not sure of the location or who the person or persons are, so I will be putting these images in a gallery of its own and asking you, the people looking at this gallery to email me if you recognise the places or people concerned, then hopefully we will be able to put them in the correct catalogue file. Also there is a chance that some of the negatives in a particular gallery were not placed correctly, please do tell us if you find this to be the case.

The Milan Saradin photographs are now on a new website www.milansaradin.com
Please take a look and we hope you will enjoy what you see, Milan was indeed a very accomplished photographer and obviously enjoyed using his cameras.

On my website you will find Galleries of my photography including a Gallery detailing the building of our chalet and how it and our land is evolving
There will also be a gallery comprising of various old black and white images that I purchased or was given over many years in England, they date from 1890 to the 1970’s and show how life was in many countries as well as England.

Please take a look and we hope you will enjoy what you see.
When this site is complete you will be able to purchase copies of some of the images.